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20 Tips To Stay Healthy

05 January 2024

Maria Schmidt

1: A healthful diet; top of the list


If you want to stay healthy, priorities a healthy diet. This may sound easy but needs excellent work. A healthy diet has all the essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. A balanced amount of fat is a part of a healthy diet. Having a balanced diet will make the body more robust and able to fight the virus. A strong immunity system is the guarantee of a healthy living style. So, when you are making a list of the ingredients of a healthy life, the first thing that you'll check is a healthy diet.


2: Water; it makes the body's 60%


Water is the most essential and most significant element of our body. A person can live without water for three to four days only. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medical says that the average water intake needed by men is 3.7 litres while in women it is 2.7 litres. Water doesn't only help to quench our thirst, but also helps our body for efficient function. It keeps skin hydrated and our kidneys to serve us best. Dehydration will make your skin age faster, and wrinkles will appear before time. So if you want to stay young and healthy, make sure to have enough water intake. 


3: Don’t gulp; chew it


Many of us don't chew their food properly. Maybe because we are in a hurry or we simply don't care about it. People in North America eat fast. This fast-eating creates many issues for the body. When you gulp your food, it is not chewed enough. As a result, the meal never gives satisfaction, and you want to eat more, and obesity is the end product of it. Also, fast eating makes the mealtime stressful as your mind is busy in focusing on keeping the speed. A simple meal can be the root of many problems just because of the eating pattern. So, take time to eat your food. Take small bites and chew it properly. By doing this, you help your body in digesting it quickly. Moreover, when a person eats slowly, the body wants to have more water, and you unintentionally have the required intake of water.


4: Less sodium; a healthier heart


We have sauces in our diet to enhance the flavoring. Our food is flavorful, but our health faces the consequences. Sauces have a lot of sodium in the form of salt, which is an essential ingredient for the recipe. Salt makes the food tastier, but sodium increases the blood pressure. Sodium holds the fluids into the body and creates tension at heart. Our heart is a very delicate organ, and this makes it work harder to pump the blood in the body. As a result, it gets weaker. The chances of getting heart attack increases and life is at risk. Not only this, sodium also causes liver cancer, osteoporosis and heart failure. To live a healthy life, the salt you need to take is just one teaspoon. This is hard to do, but it's for the sake of your own heart.


5: Go green or color your life


Green is essential for the body. Green vegetables have a lot of fibers, vitamins and minerals. Leafy green vegetables should be a necessary part of the diet as it is low in calories and doesn't exceed your calories limits. It also helps to fight heart problems, obesity, heart problems and blood pressure issues. They are highly oxidants and purifies the blood to make it healthy for your body. They also improve the metabolism system and increase blood cell production. And if you are feeling bored with one color, nature has a lot for you in the shape of fruits. They are not only tasty but also healthy. Fruits have vitamins, fibers and oxidants for the body. A nice salad having fruits and vegetables will not only satisfy your hunger but also has the best taste. 


6: Have an indoor workout


Going out is not safe and not burning your calories too. There is much indoor work out activities which can help you to stay healthy and safe at the same time. Make sure to do these workouts as this will help you to burn the calories you are consuming and to keep active.


7: Don’t pay for your cigarettes with your body


Smoking may relief your stress for the time being, and you can feel active once again, but your body has to pay for it. Lungs are highly affected by smoke. It makes them weaker, and there are huge chances of getting a regular cough, hepatitis and asthma. The tremendous expense you will pay for smoking is lung cancer and heart diseases. Don't make your body to pay for temporary relaxation.


8: Give your food a search


Spare some time to search for your food. Find which meal type will be best according to your daily routine. There are many sites which gives the meal chart based on how much calories your body needs according to the working pattern. This will take nearly 15 minutes but helps you to choose the best for you.


9: Read before you eat


Before buying any food-related item, make sure to read the nutrient guide printed on it. This will help you to see how many elements it has according to your diet plan. Reading the nutrients guide will help you in taking the serving of that food items according to the calories you need.


10: Less caffeine, more naps


Most of us work on our screens a lot, especially during this quarantine when every person is doing work from home. We need to focus on the job, and as a result, we get tired. The easiest way to calm our nerves is to have a coffee. The caffeine in our coffee helps us to focus and stay active. But this affects our body a lot. It may help you to get rid of tiredness and make you awake for the time being, but in the long run, it creates insomnia. Indigestion and heart issues are some other consequences of caffeine intake. Instead of this, try to have more naps. We have different names for these naps, beauty naps and power naps. These naps justify their names. So when you feel tired, don't ignore it. Take a quick nap and feel refresh to work again.


11: Get deep sleep


Sleeping helps your body in many ways. It reduces tiredness, reduces the chances of getting heart problems, and improves mood and memory. Sleeping less than the average time can increase the chances of an increase in weight. Get enough sleep according to your age and working routine.


12: Take vitamins you need


We all need different types of vitamins. Our bodies function differently, and our meal consumption is also not the same. So, consult your nutritionist and specify your vitamins. This will help you to take the vitamins according to your body need which will help to fight the fatigue, muscles problem and other issues. Many apps keep track of your vitamin consumption and remind us to take them on time.


13: Meditation; giving it all out


Meditation is more than just an activity of religion; it can be a lifestyle. It helps you to fight the stress and anxiety, improve the mental and emotional health, enhance the focus and increase productivity. Meditation is an excellent remedy for any addiction. It will enhance the quality of life and reduce the toxic emotions and thoughts in a person. There are many types of meditation, and you can choose whatever you are happy with.


14: Laugh till you roll on the floor


Laughing doesn't only make you feel happy; it has many physical effects too. It helps to reduce stress quicker than anything else. It improves the mood and makes your body muscles relax for more than 45 minutes. Laughing helps to release endorphin and makes you feel good. Have laughter yoga, watch a comedy movie or funny video, they all make you healthy.


15: Treat yourself


We all go through tough times and face difficulties in our life. Efforts we make to meet them, and getting out of them should be appreciated. Your body and mind need praise for what they do. Find the best way to treat yourself when you overcome a challenge or do something good. This will help you to stay motivated in your life.


16: Kindness; a need for the world


We meet different people in our life. They all are going through their trails. Show kindness to them. Open the door for someone, be a reason for someone smiling or simply make your friend feel good when they have a tough time. This will give you positive vibes about your life and help you to stay happy.


17: Your mental health is important


Never underestimate your mental problems. A little stress may get a shape of the great depression. Never ignore any sign of a mental problem. Get sufficient awareness and information about mental health and concerns. Symptoms of the mental issue are not as observant as the physical problems are. Therefore observe your normal behaviour, the way you react to a situation and how it has an impact on you. If you notice anything that shows a red flag, consult to the psychologist. Your mental health essential to enjoy good physical health.


18: Pets are friends


Pets are the source of happiness. They are the best way to reduce stress and mental strain. They provide companionship, and the sense of loneliness eliminates. They increase the feeling of happiness in our mind and also affect our physical health. Playing with a dog can be good exercise, and it helps to reduce body cholesterol. Make pets a part of your life for a healthy lifestyle.


19: Take time for yourselves


Your body and mind are essential. With long working hours and incredible stress, they get tired. They need to have a rest. So, take a day off and relax. Other than holidays take a rest day once in a while. On your rest day, sleep as much as you want. Turn off your phone and all other gadgets and give time to natural beauty. Do whatever makes you happy and relax. It’s your way to say thank you to yourself for working hard.


20: Gratitude; make it a habit


Complaining about life is very easy. We see the negative things happening in our lives but ignore the good ones. Be grateful for what you have. If you have excellent mental and physical health, appreciate it. Show gratitude for the positive things in your life even it is tiniest one. This will take you to see the positive side of life and help you to not stress over what you can't control.




These are some tips for a healthy life even during tough times like this. Only you can keep yourself healthy, and no one can force you to do this. But your declining health will affect many people around you. Know your importance and adopt a healthy lifestyle not only for yourself but also for those who care for you.

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